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Let's get the savings started.

With rapidly growing ophthalmology ASC membership and hundreds of ophthalmology practices, EyeProGPO members are leaders in the ophthalmology space. 


It's easy, really


Becoming a member of EyeProGPO is easy and immediately starts you on your journey of improved savings, efficiencies, and collaboration!  Please provide your information and an EyeProGPO representative will contact you shortly to discuss your needs and help you complete the membership.

We are a partner that cares about your success...


Member Benefits

Provides an integrated supply procurement platform for ASCs and POs.  This enables supplies to be easily identified as ‘on-contract’.  Also, contract compliance will be closely tracked using the reporting feature. 


Our collaborative approach brings our members together with monthly and quarterly meetings designed to provide industry news, share best practices, and vendor product presentations and more.


Compares data from item files & disparate procurement systems.  Also, will provide a macro-to-micro view to further assist with member compliance.  Provides detailed reports that both members and vendors can use.

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