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Become a Supplier Partner


Let's achieve more together.

Strong supplier relationships are at the heart of everything we do. They fuel our focused approach within the healthcare group purchasing industry and enable us to provide our members with innovative solutions that meet their exact needs.


It's simple, really


EyeProGPO welcomes suppliers of all sizes, from small startups specializing in a single product to multinational conglomerates with diversified product portfolios. Our portfolio can allow us to offer our members a wide range of ophthalmology choices.  For EyeProGPO, we work to forge a mutually beneficial, collaborative relationship with vendor partners who are committed to delivering the best value to our members.  We work with our supplier partners to drive contract utilization and compliance, improving growth in market share and market penetration, and increase volume.

Our most successful EyeProGPO supplier partners are:

                                -Committed to delivering their best value on the national agreement.

                                -Willing to listen to and engage with our members.

                                -Working collaboratively with us in a flexible, creative, engaged, and proactive way.

                                -Strategic in their planning and approach.

                            -Reasonable and focused in their pursuits.

Together, We Can Improve Market Penetration and Drive Business Growth


Supplier Benefits


Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers who choose to partner with EyeProGPO gain access to a distinct group of ophthalmology healthcare providers and ASCs committed to help grow their business.

Member Network

With rapidly growing ophthalmology ASC membership and hundreds of ophthalmology practices, EyeProGPO members are leaders in the ophthalmology space.  Our strong partnership with OOSS further enhances demonstration and educational opportunities to industry leaders.

Marketing Your Services

To ensure a successful partnership, EyeProGPO collaborates with each supplier to market its products and services and drive compliance. We conduct a formal contract launch campaign that includes electronic materials for EyeProGPO members and may include:​

  • Marketing collateral

  • Media announcement

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Special offers and promotions

  • Testimonials

  • Success stories

  • Press releases

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