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Focused GPO

At EyeProGPO, we help healthcare providers and ASCs realize cost savings and workflow efficiencies by utilizing aggregated membership purchasing volume to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors, and vendors. EyeProGPO members typically save an average of 12-20% on supply costs, for free.

Our Services

Our Services

EyeProGPO offers a wide-range of services dedicated to maximizing overall savings, performance, and outcomes.

Group Purchasing

Improve your buying power and dramatically reduce your supply costs with our ophthalmology focused contract portfolio. 

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize your operations to drive operational efficiency, lower supply costs and achieve supply goals with solutions that deliver savings and value.

Value Analysis

Value analysis involves supply chain and clinicians working as partners to leverage data, reduce practice variation, and lower costs to support high-quality patient care.

Item Master Management

A healthy supply chain begins with a healthy item master, and many of an ASC's system’s supply chain processes begin with the item master.

Operations Consulting

Improve quality, cost effectiveness and patient care with top clinical analytics and proven strategies.


OOSS is your voice on the frontline in Washington. Our experts educate and influence policymakers by advocating on behalf of your organization.


“I have been a member of EyeProGPO for four years and my ASC has saved tens of thousands of dollars each year.”

Brian Wnorowski, MD
Owner - Ocean Regional Eye Surgery Center

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Let us show you how your ASC or physician's office can decrease your costs and increase your bottom line.  

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