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Focused GPO


At EyeProGPO, we know ophthalmology.  We have an experienced, dedicated ophthalmology team who are ready to help you lower your supply costs and gain efficiencies.

Building Strong Ophthalmology Partnerships

by Demonstrating Value and Driving Savings to our Members

* Based on member input

* Based on member input

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Why EyeProGPO


At EyeProGPO, we help healthcare providers and ASCs realize cost savings and workflow efficiencies by utilizing aggregated membership purchasing volume to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors, and vendors. EyeProGPO members typically save an average of 12-20% on supply costs, for free.


How We Help Our Members

EyeProGPO offers a wide-range of services dedicated to maximizing overall savings, performance, and outcomes.


EPGs technology platform and communication tool designed to work with members and vendors to accurately track spending, savings, and compliance focus.  Order virtually everything from one place.


Our collaborative approach brings our members together with monthly and quarterly meetings designed to provide industry news, share best practices, and vendor product presentations.

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Advisory Services

Our healthcare advisory specialists can help deliver targeted performance improvement in order to promote clinical, financial and operational excellence in your facility. 


We are a proud partner of OOSS to be your voice on the frontline in Washington, DC. Our experts educate and influence policymakers by advocating on behalf of your organization.

Hotline Consultant


To learn more, contact our EPG care team

We Offer Professional & Advisory Services

We can provide your physicians, medical group leaders and ASC executives with transformational strategies to address their complex and evolving needs. Our Advisory Services team delivers cost-effective insights backed by data.

Contact Us About Our Other Professional & Advisory Services

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