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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Join EyeProGPO?

Collective buying power! While an individual ASC may find a decent amount of savings on their own, it pales in comparison to the savings one can gain by joining EyeProGPO. Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) combine the aggregate purchasing power of many ASCs to negotiate better discounts that result in an item level price not attainable by most facilities. There is strength in numbers!

How Are EyeProGPO and the Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society (OOSS) Connected?

EyeProGPO and OOSS are separate companies, but have a strategic partnership aimed at providing ophthalmology ASCs, clinics, and physicians with lower product pricing through contracted vendor pricing, operational efficiencies through Focus Technology, and education and advocacy in Washington DC through OOSS.

What Does It Cost to Join EyeProGPO?

Nothing. No Risk to Join! Unlike some other GPOs, EyeProGPO provides free membership to ASCs and clinics. Supply partners extend discounts and additional services to gain access to the EyeProGPO network of members. 


Am I Required to Join OOSS for EyeProGPO Benefits?

No.  A complimentary 1-year membership to OOSS is included (new applicants only) with your free EyeProGPO membership!  START YOUR FREE OOSS MEMBERSHIP NOW!

Can I Keep My Current GPO?

Yes. Because EyeProGPO is ophthalmology-focused, we negotiate on physician preference items (PPI) and generally have products that are not on other commodity-centric GPOs.   EyeProGPO does not require exclusivity.

Can EyeProGPO Supply PPI and Commodity Products?

Yes. EyeProGPO has an optional separate strategic partnership with a large commodity-centric GPO for a comprehensive product offering.

How Will I Hear About New Products?

Robust Communication. EyeProGPO offers category management which provides aid in identifying and realizing savings throughout the tenure of an agreement. EyeProGPO will keep its Member’s current on offerings or service enhancements by having frequent reviews with suppliers to understand new products and services, and approaches the supplier may be taking, and then communicating those offerings/enhancements to EyeProGPO members.


Can Associated Clinics Benefit From My EyeProGPO Membership?

Absolutely! EyeProGPO offers clinic products, as well, including Ocular Surface (dry eye), drops, refractive products, equipment, and more!  We are adding monthly to our clinic product offering and will soon offer contact lens and optometry products.

How Does EyeProGPO Offer Value Beyond Savings?

Collaboration. The ASCs that will benefit the most from EyeProGPO are those that understand and welcome collaboration. EyeProGPO brings together different ophthalmology professionals with similar challenges and spends, which allows Members the opportunity to exchange sourcing tips, recent experiences best practices, and challenges with a group of peers in a constructive environment. While EyeProGPO’s main objective is to source for its members a comprehensive product offering at the greatest savings, quality and customer service are of equal importance.


Are Other Services Available Through EyeProGPO?

Yes. There are many more member services that may be available from EyeProGPO. Such services include supply chain consulting, ecommerce solutions, benchmarking, safety initiatives, revenue cycle management, technology assessments, surgical services/operations consulting, materials management consulting, materials management outsourcing, revenue management and clinical integration. The above services would be subject to additional charges, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.


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