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Item Master Management

Data is the foundation for healthcare to thrive!  In many ASC settings, the facility’s Material Management Information System (MMIS) Item Master is the common data source used throughout the facilities systems and business processes, thus putting incredible pressure on the item master to be as accurate as possible.  

Best in class ASC's consider their item master as the foundation for achieving the following:

  • Reducing risk to patient safety

  • Decreasing labor, supply and logistical expenses

  • Lowering “off contract” spend

  • Increasing reimbursements and reduction in accounts payable

  • Improving analytics and reporting through accurate data

Keeping item master data accurate requires significant resources and time. Organizations average 25 minutes per SKU annually to address out-of-sync data issues. The item master must have a single point of accountability with roles assigned to each person with access. Each item must have a standardized description and nomenclature. Contracted items must be validated and updated daily with every change.

Most importantly, an organization must establish data governance at all cost. Make sure your item master file has consistent rules regulated by only a few within your organization to ensure consistency.

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