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Why Should I Join EyeProGPO?

Collective buying power! While an individual ASC may find a decent amount of savings on their own, it pales in comparison to the savings one can gain by joining EyeProGPO. Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) combine the aggregate purchasing power of many ASCs to negotiate better discounts that result in an item level price not attainable by most facilities. There is strength in numbers!

Partner Relationships with Suppliers

We have partner-based relationships with ophthalmology healthcare suppliers and work to get our GPO members the lowest price while also focusing on the total value of the contract. Properly managing supplier contracts requires an extensive time investment, and when you work with EyeProGPO, your organization no longer has to deal with such a hassle. Our team reviews and audits price files to ensures that the terms of our group contracts are being followed.

Better Pricing and Contract Terms

By sourcing agreements with the right healthcare suppliers, EyeProGPO can provide you with better pricing and contract terms than your ASC or physician office could achieve on its own. Suppliers like to work with GPOs because it reduces the costs associated with acquiring new customers. That is why they are able to offer their best prices to GPO members.

Continuous Improvement

As our group of Members continues to increase, so does our collective buying power. This means that we are constantly monitoring changing buying patterns in the market and looking for new ways to enhance agreements and supplier performance. We continuously negotiate our group contracts with suppliers to gain even deeper discounts and improved terms and conditions for our GPO members.

Other ways EyeProGPO Can Help

In addition to helping our members immediately experience significant cost savings on ophthalmic supplies and equipment they use everyday, we work with them to:

- Standardize and streamline purchasing.

- Identify and implement performance solutions

   designed to improve clinical, operational, and

   financial health.

- Establish best practices and enable peer networking.

- GPO services for ophthalmology practices.

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